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musings of an occasionally witty girl
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*turns on the emmys* maybe it’ll be ok this year

"jim parsons wins the emmy"

*turns off the tv*

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Amy Poehler backstage at the 2014 Emmys

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disadvantages of having thick hair

  • your head is always 100000 degrees
  • shedding everywhere
  • snapping thin combs
  • spend $100 on dye if you want to color it
  • hair is still wet 2 years after you showered
  • styling your hair takes longer than growing it

advantages of having thick hair

  • ????

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baby blue already knows the single ladies dance


baby blue already knows the single ladies dance

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Bubble Wrap Typography by Lo Siento via

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The last words said by Black youth murdered by policemen. 

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Frozen + Kim Kardashian Hollywood. pt 1.

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These tweets (and one retweet) are from my friend Ryan, a journalist who has been on the ground in Ferguson for the past few days. (His Twitter account is here, and it’s a great source of updates on the situation there   [x]).

I just wanted to remind everybody that while spreading word about Michael Brown’s unjust murder and the horrifying events of the night of August 14, 2014, please do not oversimplify or ignore the complexities of the situation.

Journalists in the town have been doing what journalists do: focusing on all the negative aspects about the community to try and make it look like a hell-hole in order to sell their own pictures and stories, and basically all many of them want to do is further their own careers. But focusing on all that negativity only paints the picture of one side of the story, ignoring a lot of other important things going on there.

Please do not fall prey to the media’s game. Anger at the actions of the police in Ferguson is totally justified, but in the midst of that we cannot allow the people who are living with the situation every day to be dehumanized. Despite all this tragedy and chaos going on around them, they’re still a community and in many ways they’re pulling through all of it together. They want peace. Anyone looting or burning things down is a very small portion of the community. The whole story is so much bigger.

A story doesn’t need tear gas to be interesting. We need to hear every side of this story, not just the horrific parts.

TL:DR: please don’t fall prey to media attempts to dehumanize and oversimplify the situation in ferguson!!

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